Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Rock Orchard by Paula Wall

10/10 - What a riot! I loved these characters!! This book was just pure fun, and probably the sexiest book I've ever read. I usually try to avoid romance type novels, and I this is certainly not in the same category as Harlequin, but it has a romantic/sexual flare. The perfect book if you're in a rut.

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Paula Wall said...

Stephanie, thanks so much for reviewing my book, THE ROCK ORCHARD. Thought you might like to know it's been optioned for a movie. The director invited me to the set of his current film, "The Pardon" in Louisiana last month to meet an actress he has in mind for Lydia. It was interesting to meet one of my characters in the flesh.
Anyway, thanks again for your very charming comments. Hope you'll read my new novel, THE WILDE WOMEN and be just as kind.

The very best.
Paula Wall