Monday, January 01, 2007

Rating System for 2007

I've decided to initiate a rating system this year. I'm loosely basing it on the pain scale I use with patients in the hospital. I started this pain scale because I got tired of people looking me in the eyes with a smile on their face and telling me they'd rate their pain a 10 out of 10. So I came up with this. "0 is no pain. 10 is me sawing off your arm with a rusty knife and no anesthesia." This managed to bring those 10's down to a 9, not much of an improvement. My book rating scale will be something like that, except in reverse.

0 - Gag me with a missile.
1 - I'd read it again...if you had a gun to my head.
2 - About as enjoyable as cleaning up cat puke.
3 - My 3 year old tells better stories than this in her sleep.
4 - If I had to read it for school, I might finish it.
5 - It would pass the time if you were stuck somewhere with no TV or internet access.
6 - I read it. It was okay.
7 - Entertaining, but doesn't blow you out of the water.
8- I would happily loan it to a friend.
9 - Better than sex AND chocolate.
10 - Are those choirs of angels I hear?

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