Friday, February 16, 2007

Snowflower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See

7/10 - This is another one of those books that would make an excellent book for discussion, but that I didn't really love. While learning about the history of women in China was fascinating and I found myself searching for pictures of "Golden lilies" on the internet, it gets depressing hearing over and over how very little they thought of women. I guess I can read a book where women are treated appallingly, if I feel the characters work to improve their situation or the fate of women in their culture. But I felt the main character, Lily, did more to perpetuate the poor treatment of women, especially by their own gender, than she did to improve it. I also heard what a great book about women's friendships this was, but I didn't really feel that in this book. And I found the sexual overtones distracting and odd. I wouldn't discourage someone from reading it, but I probably won't be handing it out to all my friends either. Except, I think Denise would find it interesting.

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