Saturday, November 04, 2006

Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

Nice, fun, and quick read. It's the story of four women all having children at the same time that meet at prenatal yoga and become friends. I would put this in the category of fluff book. Nothing that's incredibly thought provoking or deep, but you know it must be an entertaining read if I was able to finish the 550 page book in 5 days. One interesting point though, this was the first book I think I've ever read that is set in my time with characters that are my age and doing the same things I'm doing. It was kind of surreal. They read the same books to their kids as I read to Elise, the same music, shopped at the same stores, etc. The only part of the book that bugged me was how the character Becky, who is supposed to be this very self-confident, sassy sort of person, constantly allowed her mother in law to walk all over her. I just didn't buy it. I'd definitely read another Jennifer Weiner though.

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