Thursday, March 01, 2007

Little Children by Tom Perrotta

9/10 - Being a 30 something parent, this book really spoke to me. I was blown away by how accurate Perrotta's portrayal of contemporary suburbia was. Although there were a few somewhat stereotypical characters in there, who cares!, we know there are always people who fit stereotypes to a tee. And no where is that more true than suburbia. I really identified with Sarah, and her constant struggle to fit in with the other mothers and neighbors. I only took off a point because the book sort of felt like it was written with the intention of being made into a movie. I thought this before I even found out it had been made into a movie. The chapters read a little too much like scenes, and the dialog like lines. Overall, a really enjoyable read. I would highly recommend it. Hope you like it Michou!

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